Now that our campaign is wrapping up, there are a few people that we owe a huge thanks to! Without the support of our friends, family, and classmates this project would not have been possible. We couldn’t have done it without you!


  • Shawn Morris for his epic commentary in our Jock Jams Meet the Team video
  • Rob and Dan- our media friends at RRU
  • Janis La Couvee for her Twitter support
  • Serious Coffee and Moka House for their contributions to the conversation and their exemplary recycling practices
  • Les Wiseman, Carla Perry and Rosa Harris-Adler for their journalistic wisdom, guidance, and media lists
  • Doug Ozeroff- our media relations advisor at RRU
  • Tasha Diamant for her unwavering support and encouragement
  • Virginia McKendry- our supporter and cheerleader
  • Royal Roads University
  • The RRU custodial and security staff
  • Mike W. for his helping loading the cup in the truck
  • April Trigg for lending us her truck and making the whole project possible
  • CJ & Scott Bungay for their construction supply donations
  • Steven Jones for the tarps and bungee cords
  • Barry & Charmaine Skinner for the snacks and bungee cords
  • Marion & Jim Whyte for lending us their tools
  • Our BAPC cohort family for donating all their used Tim Hortons cups and supporting us
  • Bryan Kelly for filming the event and supporting our team
  • CBC Radio Victoria
  • C-FAX
  • CTV Vancouver Island
  • Shaw TV
  • Carol Patterson for her timely and knowledgeable responses
  • Damon at Home Depot for his construction advice
  • Tim Hortons staff across Victoria
  • Out of Blue Designs for making our shirts on such short notice
  • Jordie at for his advice, support, and help
  • Kyla & Warren Beattie for their tools and supplies   
  • Rob & Julia Campbell for letting us store the cup of cups on their driveway
  • Greener Footprints for sharing our message and passion
  • Tyler Sadler for keeping the conversation going and sharing our website with Camosun students
  • Hey You Media for their support and encouragement
  • All our friends and family for supporting us and sharing all our links.


We can’t thank all of you enough for your help. We’ve had a great time with this project and hope to see it grow in the future. Your support has been overwhelming and the cup of cups wouldn’t have been possible without each and every one of you so… THANK YOU! 

-Team Recycle the Rim

2,513 Petition Signatures and Counting..Keep em’ Coming!

So far, we have received 2,513 signatures on our petition. That is far more than we could have hoped for, but we still want more! To show Tim Hortons that people care about the environment and want them to improve their recycling practices in Western Canada, we need as many signatures as possible.

So go ahead—tell your family, tell your friends…get up on your rooftop, put your hands around your mouth and scream, RECYCLE THE RIM!

To sign the petition, click the below link:

Taking to the Streets: A Huge Success!

Team Recycle The Rim in Centennial Square.

Yesterday, on July 4th, Team Recycle The Rim took to the streets with the seven-foot-tall GIANT CUP made from 898 Tim Hortons cups reclaimed from garbage cans at only four Tim Hortons locations.

First, we started in Centennial Square.

As you can tell by the above photos, we had a great time. The weather was amazing, everyone who walked by was very interested in the project and eager to sign the petition, and, overall, we could tell we were bringing light to an issue that everyone cares about. It was great to feel that we were making a difference.

At 10:30, it was time to move on from Centennial Square. We grabbed hold of The GIANT CUP and began our journey to the Inner Harbour, rolling it down Government Street. The attention we received from onlookers was immense ( I guess that’s just what happens when you roll a seven-foot-tall coffee-cup replica down the sidewalk of a busy street).

When we finally arrived at the Inner Harbour, the attention only increased. Hundreds of curious individuals, couples, and families gathered around The GIANT CUP, taking pictures with it and asking us about our project. A lot of great conversation was shared and, because of it, we were able to educate many people about Tim Hortons’ recycling practices, or lack thereof.

CTV also followed us throughout the day, and aired a great story on our project later that evening. You can watch it below.

Team Recycle The Rim would like to thank everyone for visiting us yesterday and showing your support. Check here regularly as we will continue to post interesting content as well as clips of all the press coverage that we have received.

AND..If you haven’t already, sign the petition!

And The Closest Guess to the Total Number of Cups was….878!

As we’re sure you are all wondering, we used 898 cups to build The GIANT Cup.

Many people came very close to guessing this number. In fact, several people came closer than the winning guess of 878. Unfortunately, those people did not sign the petition and we had to declare the next closest guess (878) as the winner.

Thank you to everyone for participating in the Cup Count Competition!

The winner will be contacted privately.

Team Recycle The Rim

Cup Count Competition

How many Tim Hortons cups did it take to build this GIANT cup?

How many coffee cups does it take to build a GIANT #TimHortons replica? No, this isn’t the opening of a joke, but it IS fun.

Come visit Team Recycle the Rim and the GIANT CUP tomorrow between 7:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. at Centennial Square or you can find us on Government Street making our way to the Inner Harbour for 12:30 p.m. All you have to do to win an awesome prize is have the closest guess to how many cups you think it took to make the GIANT CUP.

Not so fast.

We do need a little help from you first– In order for your guess to be valid, you must sign our petition via Use the same name you gave on the ‘Cup Count’ form, so we can match your guess with your petition signature.

If you’re unable to make it or don’t live in Victoria, that’s okay! We still want to give you the chance to play. Post your name and ‘Cup Count’ guess in the comment section of the Cup Count Competition page or play along with Twitter by tweeting your name (the same you use on the petition) and ‘Cup Count’ guess to @recycletherim.

Let the guessing game begin!

Kristyn Snell—Team Recycle the Rim

Follow the GIANT CUP from Centennial Square to the Inner Harbour. July 4th Itinerary.

Building The GIANT Cup!

Building the 7-foot-tall Tim Hortons replica cup was no small feat but, as you can see in the above video,  we got through it in the end. From scraps of wood and many, many, MANY reclaimed Tim Hortons cups, to the 7-foot-tall structure that you see at the end of the video, The GIANT Cup  came together beautifully.

Tomorrow, Team Recycle The Rim will accompany The GIANT Cup downtown Victoria at Centennial Square from 7:30am-10:30am. After that, we will be rolling it down Douglas Street to the Inner Harbour.

We hope to see lots of you avid recyclers there, so come down, show your support, and join us in our pursuit for Tim Hortons’ recycling practices to be improved!

Below are some more photos of The GIANT Cup, as well as some of it being loaded into the truck in preparation for tomorrow. Once you see these photos, you’re not going to want to miss out on tomorrow!

Max von Kleist, Team Recycle The Rim


Tim Hortons: Sustainable and Responsible?

Tim Hortons strives to be a quality leader in everything they do, but they are failing miserably in the west in terms of recycling. Instead of being a leader they are falling further and further behind other coffee chains that have made recycling a priority. The 2011 Sustainability & Responsibility Report has been a great resource for Recycle the Rim, and we have already cited it in our blog posts and our conversations with Carol Patterson, Manager of Environmental Affairs for Tim Hortons. The link to the report is posted below for those of you who haven’t seen it; it is definitely worth checking out! Below are some facts taken from the report and from some of our other research.

  • Tim Hortons sells three million cups of coffee everyday… that adds up to over a billion cups a year
  • West of Ontario, only nine Tim Hortons locations offer cup and lid recycling. That accounts for only 2% of all locations
  •  In Alberta and Manitoba not a single restaurant offers this service (0/216)
  • If you went to a different Tim Hortons in Western Canada everyday for a year, you could only recycle your cup seven times
  • Hot beverage cups ARE recyclable, but not all municipalities accept them at this time. The number of restaurants diverting hot beverage cup and other paper packaging only increased 22% in 2011.

The Sustainability & Responsibility Report cleared up some questions we had about recycling and waste management. It is a great resource to learn about Tim Hortons recycling practices and what the plans are for the future.

-Erin Kerr, Team Recycle the Rim

Recycle The Rim Makes Headlines!

Click the above screenshot to watch Recycle The Rim on Chek News!

On Saturday, June 30th, Chek News made the trip to Royal Roads University to see Team Recycle The Rim in action.    .

With the camera on us, we rolled up our sleeves and transformed our bare-bones frame into the bohemith, seven-foot-tall Tim Hortons cup look-alike structure that will be on display at Centennial Square on July 4th from 7:30am-10:00am. Even the Chek News cameraman was surprised by the amount of Tim Hortons cups we collected to build it!

During the video shoot, Team Recycle The Rim’s Grace Campbell and Blair Hull were also interviewed and did a great job getting our message out there.

To watch the story that aired on Saturday’s 5 O’Clock news, click on the above photo, or the below link.

Link to video:

Tim Hortons, Starbucks, and Serious Coffee: A Recycling Report

Since we have focused solely on the recycling practices of Tim Hortons, we thought we would see how they stack up in comparison to two of their top local competitors here in Victoria—Serious Coffee, and, of course, Starbucks.

As I’m sure all of you know by now, Team Recycle The Rim doesn’t think that Tim Hortons’ recycling practices are up to par, especially here in Western Canada. According to Tim Hortons’ 2011 Sustainability Report, out of their 452 locations from Manitoba west, only nine offer hot beverage cup and paper packaging recycling or composting. That is, simply, not good enough. With hundreds, if not thousands, of coffees in paper to-go cups sold each day at each location, Tim Hortons is creating a lot of waste. They do offer a discount for customers who bring their own mug, but do you know how much it is? Ten cents per coffee. That’s hardly motivating.

Starbucks: Starbucks has quietly become a recycling leader within the coffee shop community. At the majority of store locations (every one that I’ve been to lately), a large, blue paper cup recycling box stands in clear view right beside the cream and sugar stand. Having this feature in-house makes a huge difference on the environment, and I am thrilled to see this in place. On their website, Starbucks acknowledges that they produce a lot of cups per year—roughly four billion, give or take. They make it clear that by 2015, they aim to make 100% of them recyclable. So far, they’re doing well. The more I think about it, the more I realize how little I see Starbucks to-go cups tossed at the side of the road, or carelessly “forgotten” at a park bench. Now I know why. Starbucks has stepped up to the plate, and their customers are responding.

Serious Coffee: Serious Coffee has done well in being an environmentally responsible company. All of their paper to-go cups are wax-lining free and are fully recyclable. At each location, recycling options for customers are clearly displayed. Serious also does its best to encourage customers to bring their own mugs, “seriously” cutting down on the number of paper to-go cups used. They do this by offering customers a discount at the counter to those who ask for their beverage to be served in their own reusable container. What a great idea, right? I think every coffee shop should do this.

Out of these three coffee shops, I think it’s easy to see that, as it stands, Tim Hortons is step behind their competitors in their recycling practices. While they are doing well in Eastern Canada, a better effort needs to be made to improve their recycling practices here in Western Canada.

Bravo Starbucks and Serious. Tim Hortons—you need to pick it up.

Max von Kleist, Team Recycle The Rim